Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation serves students ages 6-15 directly in Houston but in-directly online for over 300 students a month across the United States and Mexico. Our programs, assemblies, and fundraisers are delivered to build development of student education: physically, mentally, and intellectually. Mentoring and guiding students in an supportive, active, and fun environment. With RAAF, students discover and develop their strengths to accomplish their short term and long term goals. While receiving support they need to navigate the challenges they face.

Students with RAAF work to live healthy and active lifestyles and are less likely to engage in risky behavior; they are eager to learn, successful in school, and more likely to graduate successfully from high school. Displaying confidence.  

After-school hobbies and sports for children with learning differences help focus their attention and bring success with social skills.

of students in public schools have a pin pointed learning difference 

of all sport media coverage cover female athletes

Encouraging all girls to find their inner-power because the power of courage can overcome any fears. Educating girls on their body which will improve their physical and mental health. Pretty in Sweat will promote female empowerment with an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle. 

partnered schools average of kids on free and reduced lunch 

Fundraising for all students in lower income areas. Imagining students waking up their first day of school, a day that normally excites students as they gather up their backpack heading out the door, feeling instead unprepared, lost, and dispirited. Although our fundraiser is solely to provide backpacks with school supplies we can feel confident that every child who receives a backpack will feel empowered in a time that could result in depression.

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