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Rick Anthony’s Athletic Foundations (RAAF) has been founded to benefit athletes with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and other Learning Disabilities.


Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation are advocates for families and the children struggling with academics and athletics, who have to work harder than average.


RAAF will provide your child with a group of invested individuals who want to help and grow your child. RAAF will figure out the best sport for your child to help with all the skills affected by Dyslexia: social skills, listening comprehension, memory, navigation, and time management. RAAF will provide families with a group of people to console, to talk, and finally we want our raathletes and their families to become apart of our RAAF family. In Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation's future we want to provide free tutoring, counseling, and finally our own camps and programs. Please join RAAF on our journey to helping your child dream big but ultimately give the ability to live bigger.

Rick wrote, “Dream Big. Live Bigger.”



In memory of Rick Anthony born June 12, 1996 in Plano, Texas.  Rick passed away at the age of 17, a victim of a hit and run drunk driver which occurred July 21, 2013. Rick was pronounced brain dead on July 22, 2013 and passed on his own at 11:47pm.


Rick grew up in Allen, Texas where he went to elementary, middle, and high school. Rick was a full time athlete who participated in wrestling and football. Rick was diagnosed at a very young age with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyslexia, Rick struggled with reading; however, he never failed to give his very best and showed his fullest when it came to his academics; always making sure he successfully passed his classes to be eligable to play sports. Athletics kept him motivated to push harder with his academics.


Rick shined in athletics, he used his body and mind to become a two time National Champion and a two time Texas State Champion Wrestler.  He was credited on dual state wins in middle school and received many medals throughout his wrestling career.  Rick also loved football and thrived in football programs including Allen High School, Texas State Football Champions.


Rick captivated your heart in your home, parents love him; in sports and in life general. His optimism about life is what ultimately left behind a legacy. We are all left to live off of his energy and passions.


Rick never failed to give back to his loved ones and always brought strength to everyone around him. Rick Anthony was a boy full of life and strength, who will continue to live on through furthering other athletes with the chance to bypass their learning disorder and strive for their future.

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