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Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation


Many students with learning differences have disadvantages in their study environment than students without these disabilities. It becomes more of a marathon than a task. One of RAAF'S main goals is to make tutoring more accessible to make student goals more achievable while providing students with a secure and safe support group.


Providing ALL students with resources and assemblies to discuss ways to improve in their daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Inviting kids to acknowledge that failure is human but working towards lifelong goals early on can lead to more success in their future. Breaking through barriers so that every child has the tools to succeed.


RAAF wants to provide students with the ability to maintain and sustain a healthy active lifestyle. Advocating sports and health education. Educating students on ways to stay healthy and alternatives at fast food restaurants is a start to learning about their bodies' and ways to stay active.

December 2017 - Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser

January 2018 - Dream Big Live Bigger Assembly

Pretty in Sweat Program - empowerment program, making sports more accessible.  Encouraging to support one another. Helping to understand and love their body

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